Our Story

The year was 2014, and this was us—Matt Toal and Justin Sochovka—hiking up Pennsylvania’s Hawk Mountain with a GoPro camera on a rare day off. As graduates of West Chester University’s Communication and Media program and successful media professionals, we both saw that video content was storming across social media platforms. We knew it was time to share our unique, relatable style with businesses and organizations looking to better engage with their clients, customers, and constituents.

One thing was for sure—we knew we couldn’t do it alone. Enter Sabrina Rightmer, social media guru and wordsmith extraordinaire. With Sabrina on board, our trio-strong team of talented, motivated media pros was ready for anything.

Fast forward to today, where you’ll find us telling powerful stories through video and offering up social media strategy to businesses and organizations all across the Delaware Valley. 

Matt Toal

A veteran of broadcast news, Matt prides himself on helping clients tell their stories in their own voice. Through his work behind the camera and in the editing room, his goal is to make sure that every viewer of his projects “feels” something.

Matt knows people: “I can sense that someone is uncomfortable/worried/concerned/confused before anyone else in the room, and I try to be proactive about putting them at ease. A lot of times people are uncomfortable in front of the lights and cameras, and I think I do a good job creating an environment where all of those things disappear. It’s just you and me talking. I’m curious and have questions, and you’re educating me.”

Fun Fact:
Show Matt a photo of any car and he
can identify the make, model, and year.

Justin Sochovka

After pioneering a weekly news program his sophomore
year in college, Justin became a national spokesperson for
brands on home shopping channels QVC and TSC which are
collectively available in 119 million homes. Products that he’s pitched have earned $160 million in sales through the use of video marketing.

He’s a pro at using the camera to shape people’s stories for maximum emotional impact…and results. “If you don’t have a video out there about your business or organization, it’s like you don’t exist,” he says. “We always knew that video content was important, but today it’s really all video, everywhere you go. Even on a random TV in the last restaurant I was in, there was a video playing about how to make food.”

Fun Fact:
Justin is a morning person. He’s also an afternoon person.
And a late-night person. In fact, he’s (mostly) cheerful
and (always) energetic in all of the 24 hours of the day.
And he doesn’t even drink coffee.

Sabrina Rightmer

With over a decade of experience in higher education,
and an active volunteer in the community, Sabrina has
participated on a number of boards and planning
committees for local events.

She brings her warm, genuine style and boundless enthusiasm to social media posts and client consultations. This West Chester University grad also serves as our “grammar police,” casting
her keen editing eye on projects to make sure
everything is perfect.

“When filming, we focus on conversations. We want
people to feel relaxed and not worrying about a script.
The heart of the matter emerges when we put people
at ease and build up their confidence.”

Fun Fact:
Sabrina is a certified barista and worked at
Starbucksfor 6 years. “I can talk coffee
all day, any day.”